Project Description

952 Columbus Ave, NY

A 7-story 27,000 Sq. Ft. Condo

952 Columbus Ave

Ground up new construction condo project on 952 Columbus Ave. A 7 story 27,000 Sq. ft. condo we sold out all units within 60 days for a blended rate of $1,375 / sqft. As a key member of the development project, Reuben Pinner was responsible for creating a joint venture into the property to become a part owner and sole developer, GC, interior designer and architect for this site.

Project Details

  • 15 Residential Units with a 5,000 SF Church
  • Project Cost $16 Million
  • Architect: Pinner Architects
  • Ground up development
  • Amenities include a community room, storage units and outdoor terraces.
  • Completion: 2017

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